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Friday, 24 January 2014

Colors #9

Challenge 9 colors

Hi everyone,

I can not believe that the first month of this year is nearly over. The year starts with a big bang and it was a very busy month. Hopefully, February will be a more relaxed month.

Challenge #9 is up and running at Scrapping4funChallenges. Visit Scrapping4funChallenges and join us in the fun!

Here are my layouts for Challenge #9

Starting by using a Color with the first letter of your first name, add one more color of your choice.
Name - Rachelle
Color - Red
Plus one color - Ex…blue
Neutral colors - black, white, cream for background and writing

I used the color Razzmatazz (sounds yummy) for my "R" Color, my plus one color is green and my Neutral color is black. I embossed a stripe of the Razzmatazz and the black. The letters are also embossed and I used Glossy Accent to give it some shine

I used the color Rust for my "R" color, my plus one color is orange and my Neutral colors are cream with black writing

I used Royal Blue for my "R" color, my plus one color is deep red and my Neutral color is black for the writing. 



This is the card I made for my friend. 


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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Baby #8

Challenge #8 - Baby
started at Scrapping4funChallenges. Join us for some fun time!

I hope you all had a good new year's start.
We have a hectic new year start.  We rushed my daughter to the hospital on the 1st of January, she was in so much pain we couldn't wait for the ambulance. She was in the hospital for 4 days with kidney stones. Auch!!!!! ;-(

I have posted about the young man of 28 years who passed away last year with cancer, other friends of ours were also at the funeral and the husband had also cancer. In September he was still going strong and was very positive. Well, he was in December in the hospital with a high fever and I don't know what else. He lost so much weight. He passed away on the 5th of January, the funeral is on Monday the 12th of January. 

What a start in the new year!! 

The new Challenge at Scrapping4funChallenges started and the theme is Baby. I made this layout, the pictures are from my son and me, I was pregnant with my daughter. I can not believe it is 23 years ago. Phew, time flies!!!!

This is my layout
I used Pion Design Paper, and some chippies, I embossed and glossy accents the chippies. 

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